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Medical cannabis

Australia continues to debate the legalisation of medical cannabis, but what do we really know? Our medical cannabis page explores the latest research, news, views and more.

Joint Effort Quit App

NCPIC has now released it's new, FREE Joint Effort quit app. The app helps people who want to cut down or quit cannabis use by letting them buddy up and get support, monitor use and spend, set goals, identify and manage triggers, write journals and much more.

How dope is your driving?

If you think driving stoned means driving slower and more careful, think again! Cannabis can have a big effect on your driving skills. Being stoned while behind the wheel can make you up to three times more likely to crash. Check out our cannabis and driving page to learn more about the effects of weed on your driving skills. 

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Synthetic cannabis

Synthetic cannabis is not cannabis - it is made by spraying dangerous chemicals onto plant matter so it looks like marijuana. It is illegal in Australia and use has resulted in death - check out our new page to learn all the basics about this drug.

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