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Parents FAQ

This quick read section provides answers to all the most common questions we are asked by parents. What do you do if you find drugs in your child's room? Where can you seek help? Is your child using?

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How to help your teenager

Sometimes talking to your kids about drugs can be difficult... whether you suspect they are using or not. Read this handy page if you need some quick advice and insights for how to prepare to talk 'drugs' with your kids, whether you're intervening or educating!

How to help

5 tips for talking weed with your teenager


Remember not to do all the talking – listen to what your child has to say.

No ultimatums

Try not to set ultimatums – it can result in an argument and you might isolate your child.

Be honest

There may be some tricky questions, but be honest or you just might get caught out later.

Know your facts

Before starting a conversation, make sure you are armed with accurate knowledge.

Encourage questions

Encourage questions and open, ongoing discussion to ensure your teenager is comfortable talking to you in future.

Decision making tools

Your child's ability to consider their values and what 'sits right' with them may have a huge influence on their future. Check out 'chatterbox', a page of decision-making tools to use with your kids.

Decision making tools

Free resources

NCPIC has a completely FREE online shop which includes a range of downloadable and print resources for order. From advice about talking to your teen, through to interventions and fast facts, you'll find everything you need in the NCPIC shop.

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