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Chatterbox trials game

The Chatterbox Trials: a game that tests your coordination, speed and reaction time, brain power and memory. Do you have what it takes to make it to the leader board? Check out our toolbox for help with decision-making.

Need to get up to speed on weed? Try our weed 101.

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Driving stoned

Driving while stoned affects your coordination, perception and reaction time, making you up to three times more likely to crash. Learn about the effects of weed on driving skills, or test yourself on our online driving game.

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Synthetic cannabis

Synthetic cannabis is not cannabis - it is made by spraying dangerous chemicals onto plant matter so it looks like marijuana. It is illegal in Australia and use has resulted in death - check out our new page to learn all the basics about this drug.

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Hosts, Max and Sai, explain what cannabis is and how it works in everyday language. Ever wondered what part of weed makes you high or what high actually feels like, or what if that feeling goes bad?

Want to kick the habit?

For one in 10 Australians, weed is an addiction – they might think about it all the time, not feel normal without it, or go to great lengths to get it. Quitting can be difficult, even more so if you're addicted. If you want to quit, but need a hand, try one of our confidential online programs – you can quit by yourself, with a mate, or a counsellor.

Want to know if you're addicted to weed? Check out our quick addiction quiz.

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Tell your story

If you have a story about weed, synthetic cannabis, or any other topic that may help other people learn from your experiences, share it in our anonymous online forum - or read and share your thoughts on other people's stories. 

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Weed watch blog

Keep up with the latest weed news with our Weed Watch blog. Covering research, media, political changes and providing valuable insights, it's a chance to have a read, and then have your say.

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